Panel Grid Show True/False

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Panel Grid Show True/False

Post by acestu »

Hi, does anybody know what I may be doing wrong here please,

basically on the panel I am adding an image of some brushed Aluminium and setting it to stretch so that it covers the panel area, then I set the panel grid show to false and the grid disappears, Wow that all looks great, so run the program and stop it , Oh the grid is back, is there any way of keeping the grid off or is this a bug ?...


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Re: Panel Grid Show True/False

Post by Benj »


Yes it looks like this is a bug.

One thing you can do is set the grid size to something massive and switch off snap to grid. This way when the grid gets re-enabled you should only see a pixel or two out of place. Luckily the snap and the size don't seem to have the same reset issue on simulation end.

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