led sequences / macros?

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led sequences / macros?

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Hi all,

I am in the process of building a program that will operate Christmas lights.
I will be using all 8 outputs on port B and was wondering if there is an easier and more compact (code wise) way to write the sequences.
At the moment I am just using simple output / delay /output / delay routines switching one byte on/off at a time.
I would like to put as many different sequences on the chip as possible (16F chips) so would like to keep the code to a minimum to allow this.
Would using macros keep the number of code lines down?



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Re: led sequences / macros?

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Yes using macros is a good option to save on code size. You could also use a timer interrupt to control the switching on and off of the LEDs. Then simply update the values as part of the main program loop.

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