A short stay in Munich

At the start of our financial year we had not planned to be in Munich in November. However, after discussion with RS-components on how Flowcode supports their concept of enabling engineers to have tools for Rapid prototyping we found our plans quickly changing. RS-components requested that we used the Arduino booth to demonstrate how non programming engineers could get a prototype ready in a short space of time.

Fortunately for Matrix, we had recently launched Flowcode 6.1 with improved Arduino support and also a number of Arduino shields (EB092 and EB093) that we could use for prototyping before consolidating onto an Arduino Uno and an Arduino shield. We will be blogging in the coming weeks on the project to get our demonstration ready… you can subscribe here to our blog RSS feeds.

The event itself held at the Munich Messe exhibition hall consistent of 4 long days with lots of interesting conversations with students, lecturers and engineers.


On the stand we showed a 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) Stewart platform controlled from an App on an Android tablet communicating via Bluetooth. To show how the process using Flowcode and the DesignSpark Mechanical tool from RS-components helped to simplify the development over a traditional model, we made a short 2 minute video. Click on the link to watch from our Youtube channel…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L_lSt1L9Qg

The video was used on a rolling loop on the stand to attract attention. Due to the interest generated in the Stewart platform, we are looking to bring this out as a product sometime in the future targeting Universities and hobbyists.

4 days in Munich can be summarised as great experience hosted by the very professional organisation of RS-components.

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