Flowcode 8.1 with SCADA released

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After some hard working months we are now able to confidently release the first major patch for Flowcode 8. Thanks to the component update system present in Flowcode 8 we have had much more time to release this major version as minor bugs and component fixes can be pushed out immediately without an installer. As such we have been able to package many bug fixes and the highlight of 8.1 “SCADA”, into one patch.


Flowcode SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) allows users to quickly and easily create PC based control and data acquisition programs with graphical Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) based on flow charts.

Find out a bit more about SCADA here:


Find the SCADA getting started guide here:



You can download the full 8.1 Installer from here:


Or if updating from 8.0 to 8.1 you can use this patch:




If you would like to trial SCADA in Flowcode 8.1 but have used up your Flowcode 30 Day trial, we are offering users the opportunity to reset their 30day trials to have another 30day trial to see if SCADA is for them. Please contact us with your username at least via our contact form to have us reset your trial:




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