Flowcode 8 Beginners Guide: LCD Screen

Microcontrollers are generally used to solve a particular problem or provide some sort of service to the end-user. Therefore, it is important that there is an easy-to-use, readily available, way of allowing the program on the microcontroller to interact with the outside world. Whether simulating or programming to hardware, LCD screens are invaluable as a tool for interacting with your program. This can be in the form of displaying useful output for the user, or for helping to debug any potential errors.

This is the third in a series of “Beginners Guide” videos, which are designed to ease complete newcomers into becoming Flowcode users through simple concepts and examples.  In this video, we discuss and show how to use LCD Screen components in Flowcode 8.

If you would like to try out Flowcode 8, there is a free version that can be downloaded here. You can also unlock this for a fully featured 30 day trial. For further support, do not hesitate to contact us, or check out the support resources available free of charge on our website.


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