Italian medicine benefiting from Flowcode

SL Quantum Electronics is an electronic engineering Company based in Bologna, north Italy, working as partner with major brands in advanced medical imaging since 2003.


They design and manufacture microelectronic systems, embedded solutions, and many more concepts in the medical and industrial fields. Their medical imaging workstations are among the most advanced, and form the core units in many medical and surgical equipment.

SL Quantum Electronics are highly specialized in the development of x-ray diagnostic systems, and their latest designs (currently under development) will redefine the whole world of 3D x-ray scanning equipment.

Nicola Pettazzoni, CEO of the company discovered Flowcode from Matrix TSL many years ago, and since then (by their own admission), it is one of the only design tools they cannot do without. Nicola said;

“Flowcode is an extremely powerful and intuitive software, and its learning curve is way less steep than all the other design environments I have tried.”

“Flowcode 6 is a breeze to use, and I am able to test my ideas before I work with any hardware. The software has a fantastic feature set. Flowcode is also able to support any code I have previously written. The way Flowcode presents a graphical interface makes it really easy to follow the designer’s logic.

“The newly developed simulation feature is the cherry on the cake, giving you the opportunity to test every single piece of your design for its functionalities prior to deploying to hardware. Lastly, Flowcode’s components database is always kept well up-to-date, and the support offered by the Matrix team is excellent.”

Although Quantum are using ATMEL products for their development, you can also find out more about PIC and Arduino programming and how Flowcode can speed up your development time by visiting the Flowcode website.

Quantum Electronics are based in Italy, visit their website at to find out more.

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