New products launched – October 2015

This month, we have a number of brand new products to introduce you to across our ranges. See more information on each of these below.



We are pleased to introduce a new range to Matrix – Mechanical engineering kits. There are 12 in the series as well as a back-plane that is bought separately and cover such topics as Forces, Deflections of Beam and Cantilevers, Potential and Kinetic Energy, Cam, Crank and Toggle, Gear Trains and more. We feel sure that these kits will complement our Locktronics range, particularly into the college market. Click here for more information on these.


LK9422 – Principles of electronic devices and circuits. This solution provides a practical introduction to basic electronic devices and analogue and digital electronic principles, providing learners with an opportunity to investigate the operation of diodes, transistors, operational amplifiers, logic gates and their associated circuits.


LK9435 – Transistor Add-on pack. A new addition to our popular add-on range. This add-on pack can be added to one of our basic kits to allow students to understand the use of transistors in amplifier circuits. Students construct a number of different types and classes of transistor amplifiers included classes A, B and AB and analyse their behaviour.


LK6804 – Advanced Electronic Principles. The experiments in this Locktronics solution are designed for the more advanced students of electronics who need to understand the theory and practice of a wide range of electronic components and circuits, from basic diode circuits through to feedback and oscillator design.


Also due for release in October are new versions of our development centres – for those who are enjoying or learning PIC programming or Arduino programming. We currently sell the EB006 and the Arduino shield as combos with the development board,but we are now introducing these two centres on acrylic Matrix branded backplanes. Check out the HP9769, Arduino solution and HP4988 PIC solution.

These backplanes have circuit diagrams printed on them, so no need for datasheets as they show the connections for each board. There is also room at the bottom of the board for extra boards to be fixed to the multiprogrammer for prototyping.

Finally, as well as reducing the prices of our bundles, we also have a new bundle available from October – the EB528SI6, a professional copy of Flowcode for AVR, our combo board and the Arduino shield – a bundle we think will prove popular with the ever increasing Arduino market. Find out more about all of our new Flowcode bundles here.

Why not check out our Getting Started with Arduino guide, with links to our free learning resources. Useful for both the beginner and the more advanced user.

If you would like further information about any of these products or solutions, or any other items available from Matrix TSL, please do not hesitate to call us today on 01422 252380 or email us at

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