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Who are we?

We are researchers, innovators, developers, manufacturers and curriculum writers. We are a one stop shop for industrial standard training equipment, available globally. With learning and students at the heart of every decision we make, we have created solutions in Science, Engineering and Technology. We have a vast catalogue of products covering subjects from robotics and microcontrollers, to electrical installation, automotive electrics, fundamental mechanics and structures.
Our state-of-the-art factory in the heart of West Yorkshire boasts some of the most advanced equipment on the market and our team of skilled technicians and engineers work together to ensure we provide our customers with the most rugged, long-lasting training equipment, made here in the UK.
Our in-house team of highly skilled engineers, use their vast experience working at various levels of education and industrial engineering, with expertise including computer programming and software engineering, mechanical engineering, embedded electronic engineering, training and curriculum writing to create and develop cutting edge designs, which satisfy the needs of education facilities across the world. We invest hundreds of thousands of pounds every year in research and development, to ensure that we are developing some of the world's most affordable, user-friendly, rugged and curriculum driven equipment for the most prestigious academic institutions.


We have staff working at our West Yorkshire factory in development, manufacturing, sales and more. Here are a few faces that you might need to contact…
John Dobson headshot
John Dobson
Jayne King headshot
Jayne King
Operations & Finance Director
Liam Walton headshot
Liam Walton
Managing Director
Sales & Marketing
Alistair Johnstone headshot
Alistair Johnstone
International Sales
Alfie Dobson headshot
Alfie Dobson
UK Sales
Alyce Holt headshot
Alyce Holt
Sarah Wieland headshot
Sarah Wieland