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Allcode Robot 


Formula AllCode is a complete course in robotics with an impressive specification set. The robot itself is Bluetooth enabled and can become a slave for platforms including Android and Apple devices and the Raspberry Pi. The free, accompanying course includes a range of activities with varied levels of difficulty; from simple line following to maze solving. The system runs on a 16 bit dsPIC microcontroller and is programmable from just about anything including Flowcode, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, App Inventor, Visual Basic/C#/C++ and more.

The buggy itself includes a fabulous specification, LEDs, distance and light sensors, line following sensors, integrated metal gears and encoders, microphone, speaker and more.

If you are an advanced robotics user, or a beginner looking to develop your robotics knowledge and understand, the Formula AllCode is perfect for you. The Application Programming Interface (API) allows for compatibility with Windows, OS X, Android, Raspberry Pi and other Linux devices.

This state-of-the-art robot can perform all sorts of manoeuvres, navigate a maze, dance, make sounds, play music, record and playback audio and much more! Learning is designed to be fun and can be worked on stand alone or as a group with many robots working together.

The worksheets in this guide are structured so they start off tackling the easy things like operating the LEDs or displaying a message on the LCD panel, then move on to more complicated tasks like navigating a maze or following a path. Each worksheet has a coloured bar that indicates the suggested “Skill Level” – easy, intermediate or advanced.

Work sheets include:

  • Hello world
  • How bright is that light?
  • Follow my line
  • Lefty can navigate through a maze
  • Play that tune
  • Mobile bug
  • and many more..












Key parts of the robot 


There are a number of Allcode sets available to suit each type of learning environment!

To find out more about the Allcode robot and the rest of the Allcode range, click here!

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