Brand new E-blocks

With the growth of Flowcode users across the globe over the past few years, we have also seen more people using our E-blocks rapid prototyping electronic kits and boards, too. Not only has our own hardware based on PIC programming been successful, but also the solutions we offer for those using Arduino programming platforms. Our recently launched Arduino shields have seen great success since October.

We have a brand new dsPIC upstream E-block board coming out this month. It features extended functionality following on from the success of Ghost Technology in the EB006. The new EB091 includes a fixed chip and of course all the in-circuit test and in-circuit debug facilities of Ghost Technology when used in conjunction with Flowcode for DSP.

Further to this, this month we are launching more products which see our support for alternative hardware platforms strengthen further. See below for more details:

Develop microcontroller based electronic products using flowcharts with Flowcode. This pack which includes a ‘downstream’ combo board and an arduino interface shield. Arduino board not included.
A great platform for students to learn how to develop projects for the Raspberry-Pi mini computer. This solution includes a Raspberry-Pi interface board and E-blocks combo board with switches, LED’s 2 line 16 character LCD and sensors. Raspberry-Pi board not included.
Based on our existing starter packs for PIC, AVR, ARM and dsPIC, the Arduino starter pack gives flexibility for learning and project work. This pack includes the relevant E-blocks boards including an Arduino shield, a metal backplane, mounting pillars, leads, power supplies and storage case(s). Arduino board not included.
For the more sophisticated learner, we have our deluxe starter pack for Arduino. These are mostly designed for where communications between one microcontroller and another are an important issue. The pack includes an Arduino shield. Again, the Arduino board itself is not part of this starter pack.

On top of this, a range of other products in the E-blocks range have been released new or given a fresh lease of life this month. They include:

If you would like any further information about any of these solutions do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Give us a call today on or email your queries to;

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