Flowcode 8 Vlog 4: C code conversion

An interesting and useful new feature within Flowcode 8 is that users can now convert most C code to graphical flowchart icons. Flowcode has always allowed users to turn flowcharts into C code, but the opposite has not been possible. Flowcode 8 changes this, and also allows users to not only switch between the four main programming modes, but to simulate C code for the first time.

Conversion of C code (right) into flowcharts (left).

The benefit of being able to do this is mainly for those who are using Flowcode for learning and developing their microcontroller programming skills.The ability to write C code into software and convert to graphical icons, to see in a more clear format how this will work following compilation is yet another powerful learning feature of the software.

To convert C code, simply click on and highlight the C-code icon you wish to convert into Flowcharts and right-click on the icon and select “Convert C-code” menu option. The C code will then be parsed by Flowcode and transformed into the relevant flowchart icons.

We explain more in this vlog.

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