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2018 has seen Matrix grow their US agent network to a point where we now have four agents covering the country for us, with hopefully more to follow in the months ahead. Long-time automotive agent Megatech Corp have continued to go from strength to strength this year, selling the Locktronics range of solutions for training of vehicle electrics and have now been joined by Creative Learning Systems, Amtek Company and Tech-Ed Systems as North American sales for Matrix have grown since the turn of the year.

Here’s a run down of Matrix’s US network and the states in which they work:

Megatech Corp:

Technicians using CAN bus training kit in the US

Megatech is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and promotion of products that reflect the rapidly developing technological advances of the transportation industry. Technicians and students that develop their skills using our state-of-the-art trainers are the most well-equipped in their field.They have been working with the Locktronics automotive range for many years and together, we have supplied many of North America’s community colleges, training providers and automotive manufacturers with training equipment and support for delivering training to maintenance technicians and developers on vehicle electrics. This includes a relationship with Hyundai’s Performance Academy. Rob Jakubowski, Technical Trainer at Hyundai said;

“I had such a positive experience with Locktronics basic kits during my tenure with Jaguar Land Rover, that I recommended them shortly after my hire with Hyundai. Since 2016 we have added numerous Electrical, Sensor and CAN kits to our Training Centers.”

Megatech are the Matrix agent for Automotive Locktronics solutions across all US states.

Creative Learning Systems:

Creative Learning Systems' SmartLab

Creative Learning Systems develops engaging STEM and digital media programs for elementary, middle and high schools. Since creating the first technology lab in a U.S. school in 1987, Creative Learning Systems has pioneered STEM and digital media arts programs in K-12 education. Together with partner schools across the US, they put technology in the hands of students and engage them with personalized, problem-based learning. Creative Learning Systems include Matrix’s Automatics solutions into their SmartLab® program. Automatics is a range of products that simplifies the process of teaching and learning about pneumatic and automation systems, in a portable, modular way whereby students build pneumatic circuits using the range of components offered and following well written curricula to learn about how automation systems work in industrial environments.

Creative learning systems are agents across all US states for our Automatics range.

Amtek Company:

Mechatronics in a box from Amtek

Since 1979 Amtek Company, Inc. has provided educators with engineering, workforce and technical educational solutions and equipment. They cover pre-purchase planning all the way through to product installation. Amtek’s solutions are uniquely tailored for elementary, middle and high schools, universities, community colleges, vocational and technical training schools, and research labs. This spring, Amtek became agents for Matrix in the US following a visit in the early part of 2018 by Liam Walton, Matrix Managing Director of Marketing & Sales. Amtek are offering some exciting Matrix product ranges, including a “Mechatronics in a box” solution, which gives schools and colleges a complete and portable way to deliver mechatronics teaching in the classroom/lab.

Amtek are agents for Matrix on all products (except automotive) across Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Washington D.C. You can check out more of what Amtek have to offer here.

Tech-Ed systems (also t/a Lead Engineering Technologies in some states):

Tech-Ed Systems logo

The latest agent to join in promoting Matrix’s whole product portfolio to the US, is Tech-Ed Systems. They have  selected manufacturers with a reputation for quality products and a long history of exceptional service. They offer a comprehensive range of products to meet teaching requirements and will begin to promote all of Matrix’s Engineering and STEM ranges this month. Matrix’s Liam Walton had this to say;

“We’re really pleased to add Tech-Ed Systems to our growing agent network in the US. Alongside Amtek, they are two agents we have been looking to work with for a while now and to secure their support is a huge step forward for us. Our growing portfolio of products is really appealing to the US market, as the teaching of Engineering and STEM related subjects grow out there.”

Tech-Ed Systems are agents for Matrix on all products across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Lead Engineering Technologies are agents for Matrix on all products (except automotive) across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island.


To find out more about these and our other two US based distributors, BiPOM and Microcontroller Pros LLC (who both distribute to Flowcode and E-blocks to individuals, home users and professionals across the US), or to check out Matrix’s global network of distributors and agents, check out the website.

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