Something new for 2015

Matrix Technology Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of our new catalogue for 2015 which includes more than 20 new products for teaching and learning engineering. Click here to view the catalogue.

Amongst the new products we have on offer, we now cover more advanced topics in Electronic Engineering , such as Combinational Logic, Sequential Logic, Fault Finding and the study of Three Phase systems. Mech Sys NEWS

Also included is a full course in Mechatronic Systems (see image above) which covers pneumatics, PLC system development, Sensors and actuators in mechanical systems, programming using flow charts, C or LabView, and motor control using PID. The Mechatronics pack is tightly linked to unit 57 of the BTEC Higher National Award.

In the catalogue you will see on pages 4 and 5 we have mapped the UK education curriculum against the solutions we offer in order to give you an easier way of understanding which porducts fit your particular areas of curriculum.

Whether you work in industry or education, we’re more than happy to speak to you and with a team of experts available to visit your organisation or instiution, why not give us a call on 01422 252380 or email

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