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The Locktronics Electrical installation range has been designed to meet the requirements of the popular City & Guilds courses for both electricians and plumbers, teaching students the fundamental theory and practice of Electrical Science.  These solutions in electrical installation are also suitable for the corresponding EAL qualifications.

LK5240-71-1Each solution contains a baseboard and a selection of Locktronics rugged plastic carriers, each printed with the corresponding circuit symbol as well as free downloadable curriculum which includes student worksheets and teacher’s notes.

We have two brand new kits out this summer, see below for more details.
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8202 Level 2 – Electronic components and circuits pack

LK2901-71-1Learning outcomes are closely aligned with the requirement of City and Guilds 8202 level 2 topic 4: Understand electronics components and include:

  • Operation of resistors, capacitors, thermistors, diodes, zener diodes, photo transistor & triac
  • AC and DC circuits, including rectification, amplification, dimming, soft start & more

8202 Level 3 – Electrical Installation circuit principles


Learning outcomes are closely aligned with the requirement of City and Guilds 8202 level 3 and include:

  • Inductive and capacitive reactance
  • Impedance in AC circuits
  • Contactors, relays, solenoids
  • Safety systems & earth systems
  • MCB, RCD operation

Other solutions in the Electrical Installation range include:
Electrical Installation level 1
elec inst 1 2
Closely aligned with the City & Guilds 7202 unit 107 in electrical science & includes experiments in:
  • The basic principles of electron flow theory
  • Simple units of electrical measurement & using multimeters
  • The effects of an electric current
  • Simple electrical calculations
  • AC and DC supplies
  • Simple electrical circuits
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Electrical Installation level 2

elec inst 2
The learning outcomes in this solution are closely aligned with City and Guilds 8202 unit 202 in electrical science and includes experiments in:
  • The principles of electricity
  • The principles of basic electrical circuits
  • The principles of electromagnetism
  • The operating principles of a range of electrical equipment
  • The principles of A.C. theory
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