Port Moresby International Science Fair

Last year, we told a story of how our basic Locktronics science kits were helping students all the way over in Papa New Guinea to simplify electricity and electroncis understanding. Last week, we received an update from Peter Jackson in the Science department at the Port Moresby International school.

“On Friday 2nd December the school held a Science Fair for all pupils from Grades 7 to 12. The theme was Sustainable Technology and the Environment. There were 80 projects submitted and of those, 40 were chosen for the final competition to be judged by external judges.

Four G8 students used Locktronics equipment to build a simple RF transmitter and they were able to send EM waves in 100 kHz range. The project was linked to the theme, in that radio can be used to communicate new ideas (about Sustainable Development) to all parts of Papua New Guinea, including remote rural areas. Furthermore, this transmitter could be run from a rechargeable 12 V battery which could be charged using solar power.


Each week, these students attended an after-school Electronics club each. They used Locktronics kits to build various devices; such as amplifiers, controllers, radios and logic circuits). We are grateful to Locktronics for their excellent customer service and technical support.”

Thanks to Peter for providing us with the update, it’s always great to hear how our Science, Engineering and Technology educational solutions are being used around the globe to aid student, technician and engineers development of specific subjects.


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