Automotive fault finding


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This kit provides automotive students with an introduction to fault finding in vehicles.

This kit teaches students and automotive technicians the techniques of fault finding in an automotive context. Students are provided with a series of clear worksheets which take them through a series of practical exercises using Locktronics components and base boards. The worksheets start with instruction on using multimeters and current clamp meters for testing each type of component and making basic measurements. Students are then guided through debugging circuits using multimeters and clamp meters using techniques like fault grids

Learning objectives:

  • Use of multimeters and clamp meters
  • Current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, continuity
  • Voltage drop
  • Testing resistors, potentiometers, bulbs, switches, relays, thermistors, batteries
  • Open circuit faults
  • Short circuit faults
  • Ground faults, and corrosion
  • Fault finding techniques and fault grids
  • Fault finding projects

ANSI version available - order code: LK8170A

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