Automotive motors, generators & charging systems


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This kit provides students with a practical understanding of motors and generators and battery charging technology.

This kit allows students to investigate the technology behind motors and charging systems. Students start by understanding the basics of motor construction and then carry out a range of experiments that helps them understand how charging systems in vehicles work. A key theme of this pack is introducing the use of oscilloscopes and triggering oscilloscopes for simple signals: AC, DC pulse width modulated and single pulse. Suitable for Level 2 students and technicians. A full workbook of exercises is provided. This kit relies on the HP2001 DC/Brushless DC motor pair which is ordered separately.

Learning objectives:

  • Current – AC, DC, RMS
  • Motor principles
  • Generator principles
  • DC permanent magnet motor, Brushless three phase motor, Three phase generator
  • Half and full wave rectification
  • Three phase rectification
  • Charge systems in vehicles
  • DC power supplies and ripple
  • Zener diodes
  • DC motor control using Pulse Width Modulation
  • Oscilloscope triggering
  • Generating high tension
  • Fault finding in high tension systems

ANSI version available - order code: LK2410A