Three Phase Systems


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  • Suitable for initial investigations into three phase systems
  • Includes three phase motor
  • Full curriculum with teachers' notes included
  • Suitable for BTEC National unit 16: three phase electrical systems
  • EU and ANSI versions available

This pack is suitable for initial investigations into three phase systems. The pack includes the parts needed to set up three phase systems based on star and delta topologies with balanced and unbalanced loads. The pack allows power measurements to be understood and it includes a low voltage three phase motor. A full colour workbook with teachers' notes is included. HP5834, 4 input Picoscope available as an accessory to this kit and also HP5561, current clamp is also available.

Learning objectives

  • Three phase circuits - star and delta
  • Balanced and unbalanced loads
  • Phase relationships in three phase systems
  • Phase vectors
  • Using a capacitor to create a phase shift for motors
  • Three phase rectification - half and full
  • Real, reactive and apparent power
  • Three phase inductance and reactance
  • Power in three phase systems
  • Motors in three phase systems
  • Using current clamps and PC oscilloscopes
  • Power factor correction