E-blocks2 Embedded internet training course PIC

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E-blocks2 Embedded internet training course PIC


This 40 hour training solution gives students a full understanding of modern digital communications protocols and the development of embedded internet-based products.

  • Suitable for courses in microcontrollers and digital communications at undergraduate level.



An 80 page teacher’s manual is available to download from our website and covers system set-up, digital communications theory and contains a range of exercises for students to work through, see resources tab above.

Learning objectives/experiments:

  • OSI model and layers
  • Ethernet, DLC, MAC, ARP, TCP, IP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP and POP3 protocols
  • MAC packet structure and message creation using microcontrollers
  • Communication strategy and information flow
  • Packet injectors and debuggers

Labs include:

  • ARP scanning
  • Ping
  • Time and date messages using UDP
  • Sending HTML using HTTP protocol
  • Receiving HTML
  • Sending an email using SMTP protocol

Advanced tasks include:

  • Custom messaging using UDP
  • A firewall application

For the Arduino version of this course, please see BL0535


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