Creating a Flowcode 7 component for an I2C based device

This summer, we were taken aback by the quality of a tutorial document posted on the forums for Flowcode 7, which effectively teaches users how to build components into Flowcode 7.

The step-by-step guide produced and published for other users by Dave Johnson, a retired Mathematics and Engineering teacher from Durham, UK was superbly written and prompted a fair amount of discussion between Flowcode 7 users and our own engineers in the thread itself; see here.

Taken from Dave Johnson’s guide to component creation, available at the forum link in this document. Note – this is not the official Flowcode 7 guide, which can be found at the bottom of this blog post.

Following on from that, we have taken Dave’s document and fine tuned it, to provide a permanent and official Flowcode 7 guide, teaching users how to create a component for an I2C based devices, such as an LM75B digital temperature sensor.

You can access the official Flowcode 7 document at the link below.

Flowcode 7 Component Creation

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