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Deflection of Beams
Centre of Gravity
Equilibrium of Beam
Equilibrium of Beam 2
Equilibrium of Beam 3
Incline Plane
Pulley Systems
Tensile Tester
Toggle Mechanism
Torsional Deflection
Triangle of Forces
The fundamental mechanics range of equipment that allows students to study the principles of mechanical engineering required in many engineering related courses.
Three kits are available in the main fundamentals range, covering statics, materials and dynamics fundamentals, meaning students can study a total of 14 experiments. A complete set combines all three in to one easy to use, robust and storable education system.
You can view more information about the kits in the sub menu links at the top of this page. The curriculum for this range is split in to a set of worksheets for each of the three sets of equipment. You can view the curriculum in our Learning Centre or by clicking on the button below.


Fundamental Machines Statics with Curriculum


Fundamental Machines Materials with Curriculum


Fundamental Machines Dynamics with Curriculum