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Science & Physics

Locktronics is used in around 2,000 schools and colleges for teaching the fundamental principles of electricity from age 8 upwards. In this section, we showcase our solutions for Physics. These solutions are designed for students studying electrical principles from a very early age through to GCSE and those aged 16+ studying A-level physics qualifications. Locktronics electrical kits clearly display circuits to learners, allowing them to develop their understanding of the topic being delivered. Many written curriculum workbooks also exist and are perfect for following specific curriculums and syllabi.

Find out more about our curriculum mapping.

Level 1,2

Picture of Fundamentals of electricity solution

This solution provides an introduction to the fundamentals of electricity. It is ideal for those who are completely new to the subject and is suitable for use from age 8+. Curriculum, including exp...

Picture of Energy and Environment solution

This course provides an introduction to renewable energy generation and energy saving measures through intelligent building control. As such, it addresses the aims of a number of courses in Science...

Picture of Electricity, magnetism and materials V2

This kit provides a comprehensive range of practical assignments into electricity and magnetism and is ideal for those who are studying science and electricity within a wide variety of academic or ...

Picture of Source - combined power supply and signal generator 240V

The unit is housed in a rugged enclosure with a large graphical back-lit display and input controls conveniently located at the top front of the display. 

The power supply has a number...

Picture of Thermodynamics Kit

The Thermodynamics kit helps to teach the temperature related behaviour of mechanical systems. 

The kit includes experimental apparatus including metal blocks with heating elements, li...

Level 3

Picture of New Class pool kit

This 'one per class' kit is designed to give you a flexible suite of parts that can be added to the Electrical and electronic principles pack to allow a much wider range of experiments and demonstrati...

Picture of A level electrical and electronic principles

This Physics A level kit provides a comprehensive range of practical assignments for electricity and magnetism and is ideal for those who are studying science and electricity at a more advanced lev...

Picture of Basics of physical optics kit

This kit enables students to gain access to a basic optical bench that offers an enhanced set of accessories, allowing the user to perform introductory experiments in the field of optics.  The...

Picture of Basic fibre optics networks

This kit enables teachers to deliver the outcomes of basic fibre optics courses, including practical activities such as preparing, checking, splicing and cleaning cables for insertion.  Studen...


Levenmouth Academy:

"Locktronics kits have been very simple to use, and the printed symbols have allowed learners to see how the circuit diagrams they are learning from are really put together. The kits are robust, very adaptable, and easy to store and keep track of – ideal for use with teenagers, and easy to look after in a classroom environment. They are simple to connect and use, with a wide range of components and kits available to adapt to the needs of the National 6 and Higher curriculum for Engineering Science in Scotland. I have found that Locktronics has added a practical experience that can make learning more real - circuits can be designed and simulated in other software packages such as Yenka, but this doesn't replace real testing in real life."

Graham Dick


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