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resource iconCP6844 - Internet of Things (for MI0899)
resource iconLK2686 - Three phase (for LK4961)
resource iconLK3061 - Operational amplifiers (for LK9422 & LK6906)
resource iconLK7209 - Microcontroller systems (for LK8922)
resource iconLK4098 - Electrical Installation 1 (for LK5000)
resource iconLK8822 - Intro to motors, generators and hybrid (for LK7444)
resource iconLK9945 - Sequential Logic (for LK6905 & LK9422)
resource iconLK8293 - Intermediate Electronic Engineering (for LK3889)
resource iconLK8739 - Industrial Sense and Control (for LK8856)
resource iconLK4483 - Hybrid Vehicle System (for LK6483)
resource iconLK9392 - Intro to digital electronics (for LK4221)
resource iconCP4583 - Intermediate electrical and electronic engineering (for LK9862)
resource iconCP1933 - Transformer construction and operation (for LK1989)
resource iconCP2273 - Principles of lighting (for LK2285)
resource iconCP2813 - Electronic Components and Circuits 2 (for LK2901)
resource iconCP0295 - Electrical Installation 3 (for LK4562)
resource iconCP8475 - Electrical Installation 2 (for LK4063)
resource iconCP7128 - Power Systems (for LK6946)
resource iconLK6816 - Fundamentals of Electricity (for LK6444)
resource iconLK9333 - Fault Finding (for LK3566)
resource iconLK8749 - Advanced Electrical Principles - AC (for LK9044)
resource iconLK8392 - AC Principles (for LK8222)
resource iconCP3666 - Power and energy electronics (for LK3568)
resource iconLK8473 - Advanced Electrical Principles - DC (for LK9044)
resource iconLK8849 - Automotive Sense and Control (for LK9834)
resource iconLK2094 - Combinational Logic (for LK6904 & LK9422)
resource iconLK9893 - CAN bus systems and operation (for LK7629 & LK8391)
resource iconLK7122 - Energy and the Environment (for LK7345)
resource iconLK4403 - Transistor Amplifier (for LK9435 & LK9422)
resource iconLK7325 - Electricity Matters 1 (for LK9071)
resource iconLK7326 - Electricity Matters 2 (for LK9071)
resource iconLK7664 - Electricity matters 3 (for LK9329)
resource iconLK7773 - Electricity matters 4 (for LK9329)
resource iconLK7419 - EASA Electronic Fundamentals 1 (for LK9282)
resource iconLK7422 - EASA Electronic Fundamentals 2 (for LK9282)
resource iconLK7426 - EASA Electronic Fundamentals 3 (for LK9282)
resource iconLK7430 - EASA Electronic Fundamentals 4 (for LK9282)
resource iconLK7378 - EASA Electrical Fundamentals 1 (for LK9339)
resource iconLK7381 - EASA Electrical Fundamentals 2 (for LK9339)
resource iconLK7393 - EASA Electrical Fundamentals 3 (for LK9339)
resource iconLK7415 - EASA Electrical Fundamentals 4 (for LK9339)
resource iconLK3008 - Advanced electronic principles Intro (for LK6804)
resource iconLK3008 - Advanced electronic principles pt1 (for LK6804)
resource iconLK3008 - Advanced electronic principles pt2 (for LK6804)
resource iconLK3008 - Advanced electronic principles pt3 (for LK6804)
resource iconLK3008 - Advanced electronic principles pt4 (for LK6804)