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Modern Electrical Machines Training System

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Modern electrical machines training system is a revolutionary way of safely studying the characteristics of different motor types in a learning environment. This solution includes ten different types of machine, integrated power supply and control box and PC-based applications for advanced controller of the different machine types. Further to this, we provide four separate curriculum manuals for teaching electrical machines principles using manual control with external meters, using PC control and also control using MATLAB.

Main Features

  • Safe Operation; all moving parts covered
  • Operates on 24V power, AC or DC
  • Use manual or full PC Controls for the motors
  • Measure voltage, current and power in DC and AC
  • All machines are small footprint and low power
  • Equipment can be easily stored and packed away

PC Software

Electrical Machines software screenshot 1
Three phase control software with integrated oscilloscope.
Electrical Machines software screenshot 2
Close up of oscilloscope plot – users can select from one of 14 on-board instruments.
Electrical Machines software screenshot 3
Gauges show key values such as current and voltage.
Electrical Machines software screenshot 4
Set output frequency and waveform type – in this case digital or pseudo-sine.
Electrical Machines software screenshot 5
Software allows you to monitor RPM and torque in real time.
Electrical Machines software screenshot 6
Automatic speed torque graph for any of the machines can be generated by the software.

The system is designed to be used manually or via connection to a laptop or PC. When utilising the PC control option, the user should download the app from the Resources page on this site. Above are a range of screenshots showcasing the ways the proprietary software can be used to control each type of machine in the range.

Through experimentation, users can review the results of altering the voltage, load etc of each machine and the subsequent effect this has on each machine’s current, torque etc. over time.

internet control banner

The electrical machines system is now supplied with internet-based control as standard. This means the system can be used remotely by students, for distance or blended learning purposes. For more information, check out this document that explains how this works.

Control Box

At the heart of both manual and PC control of the machines is our control unit. The control unit houses all of the electronics including motor drivers, to control the modern electrical machines training system. By hovering over the controls on the image below, you can see the capabilities of our system, including the dials for manual control of voltage etc.

Dial to adjust the Dynamometer resistance

Electrical Machines Universal Motor
Electrical Machines Brushless Motor
Electrical Machines 3 Phase Motor
Electrical Machines Shunt Motor
Electrical Machines Single Phase Motor

The aluminium cradle which houses our dynamometer features a rugged and safe sliding mechanism in to which each of the other six motors in the range fix into position. The motor coupling meets the dynamometer in a protected housing and allows for safe study of each machine type at 24 volts.

When using our system in manual mode, it is likely you will require two (per set) HP1324 Fluke 115 True RMS Digital Multimeter and one HP8067 Tektronix Digital oscilloscope.

MATLAB screenshot 1

Using with MATLAB

A suite of API calls are provided which allows the system to be used with both MATLAB and Labview software. This allows students to understand the characterisation of electromechanical systems using mathematical formulae and to compare simulated results with real world values.

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