3 axis MicroCNC milling machine


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Suitable for:

  • Unit 23 of BTEC Higher National: CAD/CAM
  • Unit 43 of the BTEC National award in Engineering: Manufacturing CNC machine processes

The 3 axis MicroCNC milling machine allows students to understand how G codes are used to control a CNC operated milling machine.  The three stepper motors and DC  motor connect to our CNC system controller hardware to allow full control of the miller using the G code file host software.  Students can use the hardware and software to see how each G code command affects the machine operation and create complex work pieces from PU blocks or acrylic pieces.

Learning objectives/experiments

  • 3 axis CNC machine construction
  • Simple G and M code protocol
  • CNC machine operation using G Codes
  • Creation of milled parts using CNC technology


Supplied in kit form.  Once assembled, it can be stored in our standard plastic storage tray.

You will also need: MicroCNC system controller and base plate.

Compatible software: Deskproto CAM software

Windows compatible.