Complete mechanics


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  • Mobile storage trolley with 18 mechanical engineering kits
  • Three essential base units included
  • Spares Kit also included to help replace the common smaller parts of the kits that can get lost over time

This kit includes all 18 of the mechanical experimentation kits stored in a mobile trolley.  This includes the study of forces, moments, friction, materials science, vibration, gears, pulleys, chains and mechanisms.  This solution also includes three essential base units allowing three sets of students to work with any three of the mechanical engineering kits at the same time, whilst storing other kits tidily and efficiently. 

Learning objectives/experiments

  • Newton's laws of motion
  • Dynamics
  • Rotational dynamics
  • Forces and moments
  • Materials testing
  • Simple machines
  • Mechanisms
  • Vibration, friction and energy


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