Deflection of beams and cantilevers kit


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Key Features

  • Shows the deflection of beams of different material and dimensions, held on different supports
  • Includes choice of beams, dial indicator, dial caliper, fixing blocks, weight hanger and weights
  • Work panel and curriculum available separately

This kit includes different beams and fixing blocks. The fixing blocks work as clamps or knife-edge supports. They hold the beams in different ways, such as a cantilever, simply supported, fixed (encastre) and a propped cantilever. Students set up a beam on the supports and add weights to deflect the beams. An accurate dial indicator measures the deflection at the point of loading. The choice of different beams allow extra experiments, showing the relationships between beam deflection and 'I' (second moment of area) value. They also allow comparisons of different beam material and how it affects deflection, introducing Young's Modulus. Students also use the cantilever for easy experiments showing the relationship between beam length and deflection. Worksheets, guidance notes and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments are supplied with the work panel.

Essential base unit and kit must be ordered separately.

Learning objectives/experiments include:

  • Beam length and deflection
  • Beam material and deflection (Young's Modulus)
  • Beam 'I' value and deflection
  • Beam supports (cantilever, propped cantilever, fixed beam and simply supported) and deflection
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