E-blocks2 GSM technology training course Arduino


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This training solution provides a complete course in developing communication systems. In completing the 20 hour course, students will learn about communications systems, the AT command protocol, communications strategies and many aspects of project development and management.

  • Suitable for courses in microcontrollers and digital communications at undergraduate level

The solution includes a fully working mobile phone based on E-blocks. A 50 page teacher’s manual contains a range of exercises and is available to download from our website, see resources tab above.

Learning objectives/experiments:


  • General programming of systems including LCD, keypad etc
  • RS232 protocol and programming
  • String construction and deconstruction in communications
  • The use of state machines in controlling electronic systems


  • RS232 communications and handshaking protocols
  • ASCII representation of characters in messages
  • AT command structure and command protocols used in telecommunications
  • Sending and receiving text messages in mobile phone systems
  • Modem control and messaging

Please note, this product requires Flowcode which must be ordered separately.


This E-blocks2 course is compatible with Ghost technology.  Using the board with Flowcode allows the use of the advanced Ghost debugging features including in circuit debugging, real time pin monitoring and bus decoding. 

For the PIC version of this course, please see BL0579