E-blocks2 RFID training course Arduino

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E-blocks2 RFID training course Arduino



This training solution provides a complete 20 hour course in developing RFID systems. It gives students who are familiar with microcontrollers an understanding of the programming involved in developing RFID systems.

  • Suitable for courses in microcontrollers and digital communications at undergraduate level.



An E-blocks RFID board and four RFID tags embedded into credit cards are included in the solution. This hardware allows students to learn about reading and writing transponder data in both I-code and Mifare mode. A 50 page teacher’s manual contains a range of exercises and is available to download from our website, see resources tab above.

Learning objectives/experiments:

  • RFID systems and applications
  • Configuring RFID readers
  • Commands and syntax used in reading and writing data to and from RFID cards
  • Communication with both Mifare and I-code systems
  • Development of microcontroller based systems using RFID technology

For the PIC version of this course, please see BL0510

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