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6 Degrees of Freedom Robot Arm

The robot arm production cell consists of a rugged servo controlled 6 degrees of freedom arm bolted to a base plate and mat that provides a range of exercises mimicking industrial robot arm production cells. The free instructional guide includes worksheets in manual movement, automatic pick and place, API control and much more.

The arm is controlled by a dsPIC microcontroller with combo board that consists of 16 switches, 16 LEDs, 2 line 16 character LCD, quad 7-seg display and sensors. There is also a colour sensor board, servo board and Bluetooth board included.

With base rotation, single plane shoulder, elbow, wrist motion, a functional gripper and wrist rotator, the arm itself delivers fast, accurate and repeatable movement.

The board can be programmed directly from Flowcode for dsPIC, or Microchip’s MPLAB. A full Flowcode simulation is available free of charge. The control system is also shipped with a full Application Program Interface so that the robot can be controlled using any bluetooth enabled device such as a PC, Android or Apple device using a range of software applications including C++, LabView, Python and App Inventor.

The kit is supplied with a number of coloured wooden blocks which can be moved by the arm into different locations in the work cell.


Work sheet exercises include

- Manual movement - Recording positions
- API control - Automatic pick and place
- Automatic sorting - Path planning

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