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Robot Arm Production Cell

Learning objectives

  • 4 levels of user supported
  • Arm movement and construction
  • Pendant programming
  • G code programming
  • API programming
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Sensors & Actuators in Robotics
  • Kinematics
  • 3D movement in robotic systems

3 Degrees of Freedom Robot Arm

The robot arm production cell consists of a rugged stepper motor controlled 3 degrees of freedom arm bolted to a base plate and supplied with activity mat that provides a range of exercises to replicate an industrial robot arm. The free instructional guide includes worksheets in pendant, G code, API and microcontroller programming, sensors and actuators, kinematics and more.

The user can connect the robot arm production cell to their hardware platform – Windows PC, Android mobile, Raspberry Pi/Linux device and they can then program from many programming IDE’s including Flowcode. App Inventor, C++/ VB / C#, Python, LabVIEW or their own industrial PLC.

Robot Arm with Monitor
Robot Arm in use

The connection is made through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi which means the system can be used as part of a remote lab.

With base, shoulder and elbow rotation and functional gripper, the arm itself delivers fast, accurate and repeatable movement. The stepper motor driven arm delivers an accuracy to 0.04 degrees per step, < 0.5mm XYZ.

The kit is supplied with a number of coloured counters which can be moved by the arm into different locations in the work cell to study pick and place and sorting technology.

Work sheet exercises include

Technician Level

  • Investigating the workspace
  • Pendant programming
  • G code programming

Production Engineer Level

  • Starting API programming
  • Simple production
  • Sorting & pick and place

Robot Designer Level

  • Kinematics calculations
  • Microcontroller programming