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Formula Flowcode


The Formula Flowcode robot buggy allows users of all ages to learn about robotics systems and understand how they are controlled.

For its specification Formula Flowcode is one of the lowest cost robotics systems on the market.


This maze solving robot has been designed to provide a motivating platform for learning robotics for all ages. The robot addresses the requirements of technology education in schools and colleges and the electronic circuit board can also be used for mechanical projects at 16+. The high specification two wheel robot is powered from rechargeable batteries and is designed to allow learners to complete a range of PIC programming tasks with increasing levels of difficulty, building their understanding as they progress through the tasks.

The Formula Flowcode robot is designed for use with Flowcode (a PIC, dsPIC, ARM and AVR Arduino IDE), which includes a simulation of the robot sensors and motors. Simply develop the program, simulate its functionality on-screen and then click on a button to download the program to the robot via USB. Custom macros within Flowcode allow pupils as young as 10 to use the buggy with no knowledge of microcontrollers or electronics.



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