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Additional Instruments

Picture of TTI TG5011A - SCADA Function Generator

This SCADA function generator is compatible with Flowcode meaning you can now create the ultimate test environment using Flowcode and compatible hardware. The product is from TTI and is a function/ ...

Picture of Optical Waveguide Analysis Software

Features include:

The software enables the Instructor to quickly and easily check the results obtained by students from the experiments performed with the ED-WAVE Educator Kit. The Theoreti ...

Picture of Fujikura OFL280 FlexTester

Single-mode, 1310/1550 nm OTDR with standard and PON modes
Optical Power Meter (OPM)
Optical Light Source (OLS)
Visual Fault Locator(VFL)


Picture of Tektronix digital oscilloscope

This digital oscilloscope is designed for schools and universities.  The information is presented directly on the oscilloscope display and is an efficient way for students to document their la ...


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