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Smart Factory mini image The automatics Smart Factory allows students to get the experience of a number of processes and technologies commonly used in manufacturing and modern-day industry 4.0 principles. This includes conveyor systems, sensing systems, pneumatic pick and place technology, DC motor drivers and stepper motor drivers. The factory includes coloured discs made from plastic and other materials. A conveyor belt moves these pieces into the factory, where user programmed sensors sort the discs into multiple rejection bins. Some are picked off the conveyor by a suction device and a stepper motor controlled gantry sorts the discs into appropriately coloured containers. The smart factory is completely self contained and can be stored away in one of our standard trays. The smart factory can be used with Siemens (or other brand) 12V or 24V PLC.
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  • Factory control and automation systems
  • Software design for automation
  • DC motor and stepper drives
  • Conveyor and gantry systems
  • Vacuum pick and place systems
  • Component sensing and sorting
  • System design with more than one controller.
Smart Factory Curriculum front page


Smart Factory Curriculum front page
The Siemens add-on for the smart factory gives students the ability to program the system with an industrial grade S7-1200 PLC. This is provided on a DIN rail bracket with adaptor modules. As a Siemens educational partner, we can also provide you with the software to control these upon request.


The Smart Factory is compatible with the AllCode robot arm production cell. This can be added to provide a powerful Industry 4.0 learning solution. By introducing a programmable robot arm, that acts in the same way as an industrial robot, users can take their learning a step further.

The robot arm production cell can be programmed from any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi supporting programming language including Flowcode, MATLAB or LabVIEW and many others. Flowcode allows users to use G codes and a pendant as though in a real factory environment.
Smart Factory Robot Arm
Smart Factory schematic
Students create a counter sorting program in which the Robot Arm will collect plastic counters and using the colour sensor, they are sorted into appropriate collection bins. The system can be operated manually or using internet communications, students can implement a handshaking system to automate the process.

The full working smart factory system, including the robot arm takes all parts of the system and combines them in to a powerful learning tool for Industry 4.0 study. At this point, the students are able to see the PLC controlling the gantry, conveyor and the robot arm system all working in cohesion.
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Using API (Application Programming Interface) functionality, which is provided pre-programmed on the Robot Arm Production Cell, users can control the system using any software application, including Flowcode, MATLAB, LabVIEW and many other IDE's. This gives users a powerful remote, automated environment through which to control an industrial system.