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As well as buying the carriers separately, we have introduced three solutions to support our curriculum courses – our Automatics essentials solution and two add-on kits that are designed to extend the features of the core solution. For example, by adding the control add-on kit to the essentials solutions, students can progress from learning basic pneumatic principles to more advanced programmable control applications.

Programmable items, such as the MIAC controller included in our pneumatics control add on kit, are pre-programmed with all the programs needed to complete our curriculum courses. Solutions can also be used to provide a core of essential components which can be expanded with more specialist parts once the basic principles have been mastered. Please note, an air compressor and conditioning unit is the only item that is not supplied as standard as many laboratories already have a suitable compressed air supply. We do offer a unit as part of our range, see our components page for more details.

Picture of Mechatronic systems

This pack contains products from three of our ranges of equipment: Locktronics, E-blocks and Automatics. The pack includes a wide variety of resources suitable for studying mechatronics using three ...

Picture of Automatics essentials solution

This solution provides a complete introduction to pneumatic circuit design and construction. The comprehensive selection of components works together with the included curriculum courseware and teach ...

Picture of Automatics electro-pneumatics add-on

The electro-pneumatics kit is intended to supplement the Automatics Essentials solution by adding a selection of electrically operated valves and sensors. Together with the included curriculum worksh ...

Picture of Automatics control add-on kit

The control add-on kit is intended to supplement the Automatics Essentials solution by adding a powerful programmable controller and a selection of sensors and solenoid valves.
This allows stu ...


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