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Electrical Installation

The electrical installation range has been designed to meet the requirements of the popular City and Guilds courses for both electricians and plumbers. As with all of our Locktronics solutions, full curriculum worksheets are available to help students understand the fundamental theory and practice. Recently we have added new solutions to our Electrical Installation offering, including kits designed to meet the needs of those studying to level 3 with topics including 'Principles of Lighting' and 'Circuit Principles'. All of our solutions in electrical installation are also suitable for the corresponding EAL qualifications.

Find out more about our curriculum mapping and the levels of UK education or download our Electrical Installation Brochure.

Level 1,2

The electrical installation 1 solution allows students who aspire to go on to become plumbers or electricians to gain a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of electricity. The learning o ...


The learning outcomes of this kit closely aligned with City and Guilds 8202 unit 202 in Electrical science.  The kit includes a comprehensive range of practical assignments in electricity, basic ...


The Transformer construction and operation pack allows students to study not only how transformers work, but also study several different properties of induced magnetism.  This kit consists of a ...


This solution allows students to understand the operation of a range of commonly used components in both DC and AC circuits.  The learning outcomes are closely aligned with the requirement of Cit ...


Level 3

This pack is suitable for initial investigations into three phase systems. The pack includes the parts needed to set up three phase systems based on star and delta topologies with balanced and unbalan ...


Modern electrical machines training system is a revolutionary way of safely studying the characteristics of different motor types in a learning environment. This solution includes ten different types ...


This solution allows students to understand the principles of designing lighting systems for domestic and industrial buildings.  The kit consists of a Locktronics base board, a set of high power ...


This solution covers two separate topics.  Firstly students can use the Locktronics components and a signal generator to export inductive and capacitive reactance and to compare the effects these ...



Forth Valley College:

"Locktronics solutions are portable, easy to store and simple to use; Ideal for practical lab-work in classroom environments. The included curriculum material, was suitably designed for teaching of BTEC qualifications and can be easily adapted to meet the Scottish Electrical engineering curriculum from National 4/5 through to HNC/D level.

With these kits our students can quickly build and test a wide range of circuits. The simple connection method makes it easy for students to try different component values and configurations, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of electrical principles and circuit operation."

Bill Crawford