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Microcontroller Learning - PIC and Arduino

Introduction to E-blocks2
  • Flexibility through modular design
  • Small and compact solution
  • Rugged and long lasting
  • Seeed® Grove module compatible
  • In-Circuit Test & Debugging
  • Integration with Flowcode IDE
  • Integration with Arduino
  • Power routed through connectors

E-blocks2 is the latest generation of microcontroller boards from Matrix. With over 30 boards available, the E-blocks2 range includes upstream and downstream boards, as well as cost saving bundles, all of which allow you to build a complete system in a matter of minutes.

The E-blocks2 system is ideal for everyone, from those learning in an educational environment to engineers in the industrial world. Use of E-blocks is well supported with complementary ranges of software (including PIC, dsPIC, ARM and AVR Arduino IDE, Flowcode), and support for Grove® sensors. Technical support is available from our dedicated team through our forums.


E-blocks2 in use

If you are looking for a way to work with the Arduino microcontroller environment, but you're looking for a system that gives you curriculum, support, training opportunities and a software environment that engages its users, then E-blocks2 is for you. Integration with Flowcode is seamless and the ability to allow users to conduct simulation of designs as well as advanced test and debugging of their systems and many other benefits is very impressive.


E-blocks2 solutions

Although boasting industry standard features, E-blocks2 is in fact designed primarily for learners and educators. Our kits, supplied alongside free curriculum are perfect for delivery of microcontroller system teaching across various platforms including those delivering PIC and Arduino system development and the design and manufacture of our boards allows them to last longer in the demands of educational labs. Further releases of E-block 2 in the coming months will see the educational appeal of the range grow further.

Ghost Technology

E-blocks2 and Flowcode integration

In Flowcode 7.3 onwards, auto ID allows you to see the E-block2 boards connected in the console window. In-Circuit-Debugging, allows users to set or clear breakpoints and debug systems whilst simulation is live, and in-circuit-test can be seen on the data recorder and oscilloscope windows in Flowcode. The Oscilloscope is useful for recurring signals where you can set a repeating trigger and inspect a part of a waveform in isolation. The Data Recorder is useful for comparing multiple signals over time.