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Programming chips in custom circuitry on the EB006

Using the EB006 or the HP488 PICmicro programming boards it is possible to directly program a PICmicro device that is plugged into its own circuit board.

This means you can have the PICmicro plugged into a custom PCB and program the device without having to keep removing and inserting the PICmicro device into a progammer.

To do this you will have to either create a standard ICSP header on your custom circuit board or wire the connections directly to the Pins of your microcontroller.

Here is a schematic of the connections that need to be made from the EB006 or HP488 boards. You could use a DIL socket so that you can detatch the programming cable from the EB006 if you wish. Otherwise you can solder directly to the header. ... _HP488.gif

The ICSP connector has the following connections to your remote PICmicro device.

1 - MCLR
2 - VCC
3 - GND
4 - RB7 - PGD
5 - RB6 - PGC
6 - NC

A more detailed explaination of the Microchip ICSP standard can be found here. ... 30277d.pdf
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