Matrix - Why is the UDP Time and Date example not working?

Why is the UDP Time and Date example not working?

Hardware : EB643 Embedded Internet Solution


Symptoms :

 The UDP Time and Date example does not seem to get the correct time and date from the computer.


Cause :

For the time and date example to work a few steps must be taken on the PC to enable this operation.


Solution :

1) In the Add/Remove programs control panel, click on the Add/Remove Windows Components button.
2) Select Networking Services and click the Details Button
3) Ensure that the Simple TCP/IP Services item is ticked and click OK.
4) Click Next and allow the component to be installed.
5) In the Windows Firewall Control panel make sure that the Don't allow exceptions is unticked and then click on the Exceptions tab.
6) Click the Add port button and enter the name as "time server" the port as "13" and the mode as UDP then click OK.

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2015-03-31 10:29
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