Matrix - Mobile communications solution unable to call or text?

Mobile communications solution unable to call or text?

Hardware : EB118 - Mobile Comms Technology Solution

Symptoms :

I can not get the mobile comms system working.

Cause :

(1)The green light on the GM29 module comes on and stays on.
(2)I have used this program before and it worked then.
(3)The hardware is incorrectly connected together.

Solution :

(1)You need a SIM card which is a pay-as-you-go SIM card - a SIM card with a contract will not work.
(2)Check the sim card is present,and has enough credit to cover the cost of the call.
(3)A list of further things to check
Is the aerial connected?,
Is the power connected?,
Is the RS232 connected properly?,
Is the Multiprogrammer in the right oscillator mode?
Is the Modem connected to the right port of the RS232?
Are the signals coming along the right pins (PATCH systems)?

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2015-03-31 10:31
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