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How to safely change a chip in the EB006

To change a chip on the EB006 is a straightforward procedure, the device is designed to program multiple chips of different footprints. This FAQ will go over the 40pin device, but the method can be applied to any pin device.


Tools Required:

1x Small Screwdriver


Removing a Chip


1) Firstly place the screwdriver underneath the chip and lean it against nearest D-type connector to create a fulcrum to lever the chip out.


2) Next you need to push down slowly lifting the chip out of the cradle.



3) Next switch sides and start to lever out the other side of the chip, if it is a bit stiff, go back to stage 2 and lever the chip out a bit more from the other side.



4) Next, slowly lift off the chip once it is loose enough.



Adding a new chip


To add the new chip, simply line up the pins and push down gently, ensure all the pins are going to go into their corresponding holes so they wont bend when you push down firmly to seat the device properly.


One thing to note is that the device is the correct way up, you can tell this from the "notch" at the front of the device. This is needed to line up as shown below.


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