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We help hundreds of customers with their Flowcode problems via our forum. To stop any programs or advice we provide becoming hidden, we have a section entitled The Knowledge Exchange.

This section is reserved for articles, application notes, hints and tips and other articles concerning Flowcode. We want you to get involved in The Knowledge Exchange.

After reading each article, you can score it on how useful it is, add follow-up posts which offer further help or request additional information.

We'll even be giving away prizes for the best user-contributed content we receive every month. Good luck and start posting.

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Below is a list of the top articles from the Knowledge Exchange which have been put into a pdf format.

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Resource down arrow down arrow Date Version (Old) Type down arrow down arrow
MX001 - USB Mouse Control2011-04-051   resource image
MX002 - Reptile Environment Control with a MIAC2011-04-051   resource image
MX003 - Look Up Tables2011-04-051   resource image
MX004 - GPS Tracking System2011-04-051   resource image
MX005 - Controlling High Powered LEDs2011-04-051   resource image
MX006 - MIAC Electronic Door Lock2011-04-051   resource image
MX007 - From Idea to Working Model2011-04-051   resource image
MX008 - Introduction to Interrupts2011-04-051   resource image
MX009 - PID Control2011-04-051   resource image
MX010 - RC5 Remote Control2011-04-051   resource image
MX011 - Building Your Own Science Lab2011-04-081   resource image
MX012 - Life on the PIC2011-05-061   resource image
MX013 - Solar Panel Light Tracking System2011-05-061   resource image
MX014 - Speaking Volt Meter2011-05-061   resource image
MX015 - Basic USB Communications for PIC2011-05-061   resource image
MX016 - Measuring Time with Interrupts2011-05-061   resource image
MX017 - Mood Light2011-05-061   resource image
MX018 - Simple Masking Technique2011-05-061   resource image
MX019 - Arcade Games2011-05-061   resource image
MX020 - Solar Energy Conversion Using MIAC2011-05-061   resource image
MX021 - Remote Control Using RF E-block2011-05-061   resource image
MX022 - Dual Channel Temperature Logger2011-06-021   resource image
MX023 - Swapping between Hex and Int2011-06-021   resource image
MX024 - MIAC Controlled Underfloor Heating2011-06-021   resource image
MX025 - Custom Images in Flowcode2011-06-021   resource image
MX026 - RS485 using the EB062 E-block2011-06-021   resource image
MX027 - Controlling a Servomotor with timer02011-07-261   resource image
MX028 - Sampling a Matrix Keypad2011-07-261   resource image
MX029 - GSM Remote Control2011-09-071   resource image
MX030 - Radio Clock with DCF772011-09-071   resource image
MX031 - Multimedia Files on 4D Eblocks2012-06-291   resource image
MX032 - Power Station Control2012-06-291   resource image
MX033 - Android, Bluetooth and MIAC2012-09-191   resource image
MX034 - Environmental Control with a MIAC System2012-09-191   resource image
MX035 - Android, RaspPi and E-blocks2012-10-031   resource image
MX037 - Using the RPi and EB080 Interface Board2012-10-031   resource image
MX038 - GSM Short Message Service2013-02-151   resource image
MX039 - FFT Frequency Detection2013-02-151   resource image
MX040 - Remote Speed Control of DC Motors2012-12-051   resource image
MX041 - MIAC Controlled Cooling System2013-01-221   resource image
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